Receiver wants additional attachment received in e-mail - Order2Cash
Through the following steps you can easily add one or more attachments in the e-mail attachment.

In most cases it is a PDF file sent with the attachment of the e-mail. You can also choose to send multiple formats to receive.


Are you a sender invoices and your receiver has signed on Order2Cash and therefore in possession of an account, the customer can easily customize it yourself. Below you will find both the sender and receiver a roadmap to fit easily on.

[+]Are you a sender of invoices?

By following these steps to adjust your easily setting.

  • Login to your Order2Cash web portal.
  • Go to tab “Receivers”
  • Search using the left column of your screen to the receiver you want to send in an attachment.
  • Once you’ve found your receiver, click the account number of the receiver, there will now open a new window.

Here are four different tabs are shown that are designated each with a white cross on a blue dot. The visible tabs

customer details, Account management, Delivery channel and Preferences.
  • Select the tab “Delivery Channel”.
  • If your receiver still received anything in the mail first select “e-mail” in the window “Setting of sender”
  • Check your desired formats that the receiver in the Attachment shall receive
  • Don’t forget to save your new settings.
[+]Do you have an active account on Order2Cash?

By following the steps, your body easily customized.

  • Login to your Order2Cash web portal.
  • The dashboard shows the top ‘’Account’’ Once you click on it you will see a drop down menu.
  • Then you click on ‘’My Account’’

After pressing on “My Account” you will see a new window. Here are three tabs are shown that are designated each with a white cross on a blue dot. The visible tabs are

Basic, Account en Preferences.
  • Click on tab ‘Preferences’

Here you can select different formats that you would like to receive the in attachment of the e-mail. After choosing the correct format press

‘’save changes’’

at the bottom of this window, everything is now saved. You can now close all windows.

Contact the support team If you have any questions after reading this instruction, please contact our support team using this form.