Send invoice once by email to receiver - Order2Cash

Through these steps, you can resend an invoice by email to your receiver.

  • Login to your Order2Cash web portal.
  • Click on the tab “Processed documents” into your web portal.
  • Then enter “search” in the left column, the document number, customer number or customer name.
  • Once you have found the correct invoice, you want to send again to the receiver, please check the envelope down.
  • Then click “Send by e-mail” at the bottom of your window. It now opens a new window.

  • Enter the email address where to go to send the email.
  • Optionally add the file you want to send it to the receiver. PDF, UBL2.0, IIF or other attachment that is provided by the sender.
  • If everything is filled in correctly, press “send”, the mail will now be sent to the specified email address. You can close the window.

Contact the support team

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