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You have received a notification where we notified you that the webportal is changed. The below article explains why and what is changed.


The Order2Cash webportal has the possibility to set up a customer so an invoice for a customer is send to a customer via the Peppol or SimplerInvoicing protocol.
Although Order2Cash speaks about Peppol and SimplerInvoicing as two seperate things effectively both use the Peppol structure and protocol.
In Order2Cash you could set-up the customer by using a few drop down menus.

Old situation
Before you had a the below view.

New situation
The new view looks like the below.

How to set this up
You can set a customer up by following the next steps:

In the new situation you need to add the full Peppol ID. Your customer can tell you what their full Peppol ID is.

  • Go to tab ‘Receivers’
  • Search for the customer
  • Open customer number by clicking it
  • Go to tab ‘Delivery channel’
  • Select ‘Peppol’ or ‘SimplerInvoicing’

The advantage

The main advantage is that now you are able to just enter the Peppol / SimplerInvoicing ID of the customer. And there is also a ‘test’ button to check if the value you entered is valid and is connected to the right customer. The information about the customer will show up in the screen.

The below sample show that the system checks and confirms if the customer can or can’t be found.

Customer can’t be found Customer found
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