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This functionality is not active by default. Please contact Order2Cash support after the SPF record is configured.
This article provides information on how an SPF check works and how to solve bounce related issues.


The Order2Cash platform sends email notifications from the following address:


This is the from address for all document notification. The return/reply address we use is different for each sender account. In each case, we use the address that the sender (you) has entered into the portal on the following page:

Account > Settings > Contact details > Emailaddress for Bounce

If a from address and reply address come from different domains some companies, and in particular spam filters, find this suspicious. If the steps for an SPF check aren’t taken this can result in the high likelihood of your email being received as spam. To avoid this, you can add a line of code (outlined below) into the SPF record for your domain ‘yourcompany.com’. (example www.order2cash.com)


Adding an SPF record

Add the following line of code to your SPF record:

v=spf1 a mx include:spf.anachron.com ~all

Important: The SPF record must not be filled with instructions to say that Order2Cash are sending emails from your domain.
The Order2Cash platform will continue to send e-mails from noreply@notifications.order2cash.com

The reason for entering this record is to ensure that any emails sent by the platform, and any subsequent replies those emails generate which are sent to your reply address, are ‘authorized’ by your organization and notified as trustworthy to all spam filters.


The simplified example

Postman can be read as ‘server’
Someone can be read as the ‘SPF record’

You can compare it with a postman trying to deliver a letter to an address. The letter states that it has been sent from a company whose address (e-mail address) is associated with Order2Cash. The back of the letter contains the return address ‘(e-mail) address of your business’. Of course, this differs from the sender’s address.

Some postmen may think this is suspicious and wants to know if the Sender (Order2Cash) or post may be returned to “your company”. The postman asks someone to “your company” or the mail is allowed to be returned to the address in “your business.”

Until we therefore will be allowed to stand in the SPF record. Despite the fact that the e-mail can be received, and he simply does not have to be sent back, there are companies that control there on. We know that it does not happen very much, but the customer can check on it.


Backup option

There is also an option to use a subdomain for this. You can add the above code into the SPF record for the subdomainin. You then need to create an email address for this subdomain. This email address should forward all email to an email address of your choice. The (subdomain) email address you need to enter into the ‘Email address for Bounces’.

Sample: email@order2cash.yourcompany.com. The email sent to this email address needs to be forwarded to an email address of your choice. For example ‘finance@yourcomapny.com.’


* If this options is possibe you should consult your ICT department/hoster.

Contact the support team

If you have any questions after reading this instruction, please contact our support team using this form.