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How to send attachments?

Below we describe how to send attachments from Order2Cash.
There are two options for attaching files to your invoices:

  1. Automated together with the invoices: Attachments are sent separately from the UBL/XML, but the actual operation depends on the connection that is used (webservice/SFTP). If using webservices, the attachment(s) is/are part of the request. If using SFTP, attachments should have the same filename before the extension. A number of attachment file types are supported.
  2. Upload manually by the user in the web portal. In tab ‘Your Files’ we have a file upload option to add files into your Order2Cash file system. You can drag and drop the files from your computer into the web portal.


Note!!; In all cases the attachment needs to be uploaded before your processing time*. In test mode, we process the Invoices every hour so the time to add attachments is very short. *Your next processing time is displayed in your account on the “Dashboard” page.

File naming:Attachments can be/are numbered, to make filenames unique and to denote precedence, with a “-” suffix.


Name Type Size Pages
1234561.pdf invoice 1mb 1
1234561-1.pdf attachment1 1mb 1
1234561-2.pdf attachment2 1mb 1


Name Type Size Pages
1234561.pdf invoice 3mb 3

We also support the following attachments:txt, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv, jpg, png

For example:
Name Type Note
123456.xml XML invoice
123456.pdf Primary PDF invoice
123456-1.pdf 1ste PDF attachment Will be merged with primary PDF invoice
123456-2.pdf 2nd PDF attachment Will be merged with primary PDF invoice
123456-1.txt 1st Text attachment
123456-2.txt 2nd Text attachment
123456-3.txt 3rd Text attachment
123456-1.xls 1st Excel attachment
123456-2.xls 2nd Excel attachment

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