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Here we explain what customization possibilities exist within Order2Cash. This includes the e-mail signature that is used when sending information to the receiver and the logo in your web portal which will also be visible in the email to the receiver.


Customization options

Option 1
  • You can change the logo that you want to send to your recipients. Your logo will also be visible in your Order2Cash web portal.
  • The logo adjustment is carried out as follows, go to “Account” at the top of your window and click ‘Settings‘. There will open a new window.
  • Under “Company details“, you can upload your company logo. Press “Upload new logo” and search for the image that you would like to upload. To get the best result the logo should be 200px wide

Option 2
  • After uploading your logo, You can also apply the corporate color for your business.
  • The company color is to be completed in a hexcode (eg: #0a1e5a ). You can fill in the tab ‘Company details->Company colour’.
  • When both of the above options are applied then this will have an effect on your web portal, and e-mail notifications that you will send to the recipient. An example of the web portal can be found in the image below.
Option 3
  • In the e-mail notification that you send, you can also place your own text to the recipient. For example: monthly promotions, a new website or an instance of changed bank details. (Remember later not to return, for example, monthly actions or ‘Merry Christmas’)
  • The company can also be changed here. This change only applies to the e-mail signature. Additionally, this information will appear in the subject line of the email.
  • To preview any changes made in the e-mail signature press “View e-mail signature” at the bottom of this tab.

Option 4
  • You can change your contact information by selecting ‘Account‘ at the top of your screen, then  ‘Settings‘ from the drop-down menu.
  • Then choose the “Contact details” tab. From here you change email addresses for processing batch reports, customer contact and bounces.
  • You can also set the email language in this tab, choosing from several languages.

What’s not possible to adjust

  • The structure of the portal.
  • Body content of the email notification (eg: Invoice <“Invoice number”> by <“Your Company name”> is available on Order2Cash)
  • Company details, Invoice details, Services and Connection & Processing settings are not possible to adapt yourself. Contact the support team with specific requests.


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