InvoicePortal rebrand – Important news for senders and receivers

Why rebrand InvoicePortal into the Order2Cash platform?

Anachron has been steadily evolving from an e-Invoicing provider into a fully-fledged order to cash solution specialist in recent years. InvoicePortal has been the creative vehicle through which we have introduced our initial innovations in this area. Alongside the powerful e-Invoicing solution at the heart of InvoicePortal, you will have seen us add robust payment acceleration features and a powerful credit management add-on into the platform in recent times.


It has become clear, however, that with the wealth of new functionalities we now offer, InvoicePortal as a name no longer fits our service offering. Order2Cash gets right to the heart of what Anachron is providing and will help us communicate more effectively with you, our customers, and the market at large in future. All of Anachron’s solutions are focused on the order to cash process and so the name provides a perfect umbrella from which we can hang all of our individual solutions under. Within the new platform we shall continue to build upon the features currently included within InvoicePortal and greatly enhance the scope of what we can offer to you, our customer.
Upgrading your account to the Order2Cash platform will make it possible for us to expand upon the feature set currently included within InvoicePortal greatly. At its core, Order2Cash shares the same powerful e-Invoicing solution you’re currently using within InvoicePortal. The features and functionalities familiar to you are now collectively gathered into one of the core modules of the Order2Cash platform; Invoice2Deliver.
The brand of InvoicePortal has now been retired. All existing InvoicePortal users are now Order2Cash users. The same will apply for all receivers using the platform.

[+]FAQ for senders
[+]What is Order2Cash?
Order2Cash is a collection of different services and solutions, all gathered under one name. These are packaged into five core modules. Broadly speaking, those modules cover:
• e-Invoicing (Invoice2Deliver)
• Online payments (Accept2Pay)
• Credit scoring and credit management (Credit2Control)
• Secure online contract and document signing (Contract2Sign)
• Document workflow and archiving (Document2Store)
As an Order2Cash customer you can activate any, or all, of the features contained within the different packages and tailor an overall solution to suit your current business needs. All of the core features you were familiar with when using InvoicePortal remain active and available for you within Order2Cash.
Learn more about the full Order2Cash proposition here.
[+]What does this mean for me?
All InvoicePortal users are now Order2Cash users. Your Order2Cash solution mirrors the InvoicePortal solution you have been using. You have access to all of the features available within the Invoice2Deliver module. For those customers who were using payment acceleration features and credit management tools with us; these are also included in your Order2Cash platform. These features are available as part of the Accept2Pay and Credit2Control modules.
[+]Will I lose any existing functionality? Will I lose any existing account data?
It is important to stress that all of the functionalities to which you hadaccess to within InvoicePortal will remain active for you within Order2Cash. If you have been using payment or credit management services within InvoicePortal, these will be available to you in Order2Cash as well. Essentially, business will continue as usual. In essence, only the look and feel of the platform itself will alter to begin with. The login URL has changed but we expect no further account changes will be necessary. If any changes are required, then these will be communicated to you.
[+]How will the upgrade affect my users and receivers?
From an end-user standpoint, the main change results in a new look and feel for the portal in which they are working. You also have the possibility to use some new customization options for the portal and mail templates, if you wish. These were previously unavailable in InvoicePortal. Email delivery will continue as normal.
[+]Do I need to update my contract?
No. All current Anachron InvoicePortal contracts remain valid and will be upheld for the duration outlined in the existing contract.
[+]FAQ for receivers
[+]What is Order2Cash and why must I now receive invoices from this platform?
Order2Cash is the new name for InvoicePortal. You have previously been receiving invoices from a company, or companies, who have been using InvoicePortal to distribute their invoices. As such, any future invoices you receive from them will be sent to you via Order2Cash and not InvoicePortal.
[+]Why change from InvoicePortal to Order2Cash?
Order2Cash is a solution from Anachron. It builds on the success of InvoicePortal and offers customers using the platform a wealth of new functionality and additional features. Whereas InvoicePortal was first and foremost an invoice delivery platform, Order2Cash now covers a range of additional services, all focused on accelerating elements of the order to cash process. Order2Cash combines credit scoring, contract signing, document management, e-Invoicing, online payments, credit management and more into one solution. More information on the full Order2Cash solution can be found on our website.
[+]What does this mean for me?
All InvoicePortal users are now Order2Cash users. For the moment, your business with us (and your senders) will continue as normal and you can continue to log in and utilize InvoicePortal and its archival features as you are today. The login URL has changed but we expect no further changes to your account structure. Any changes that are necessary will be communicated to you.
[+]Will I lose any existing functionality? Will I lose any existing account data?
It is important to stress that all of the functionality to which you have had access to within InvoicePortal remains active for you within Order2Cash. All of your invoices and associated data have been transferred and remain available 24/7. Essentially, business will continue as usual. Only the look and feel of the platform itself has altered.