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Our 7 step implementation plan

The Order2Cash platform encompasses a broad range of solutions and services but getting connected is easy.  In the vast majority of cases, we need to establish only a singular data connection to your ERP; that’s all. Our clear implementation plan will outline the exact scope of every project but whether your project involves a single system or multiple business units and territories, we’ll have you up and running within 1-3 months. 


What to expect when you begin working with Order2Cash

Step 1: blueprintStep 1: Blueprint session

This kick-off meeting will determine the expected scope of your project. The Order2Cash Project Team will work with you to gather information on both the functional and technical requirements of your project. They will note all requirements and then set to work on creating
the blueprint for your project. once signed off by all parties. Full implementation will commence.

Step 2: Delivery of files and dataStep 2: Delivery of files and data

Your Project team will deliver access to all necessary data, as outlined in your blueprint document.

Step 3: Realization - InstallationStep 3: Realization/Installation

In this phase Order2Cash will implement your solution, ensuring all
requirements outlined in the blueprint document are activated. Once the build is completed and your account is activated, testing can begin.

Step 4: TrainingStep 4: Training

All main users designated by your organization will be trained on how to use the platform.

Step 5: Testing, rework and acceptanceStep 5: Testing and acceptance

Thorough testing is necessary to ensure that all workflows and features
work as expected. Once testing is complete, and approved by all parties, a go-live date will be agreed upon.

Step 6: Go-liveStep 6: Go-live

Your Order2Cash solution goes live and you can begin working with it.

Step 7: After-care and supportStep 7: After-care and support

For the two weeks following your go-live date, the Order2Cash Project Team will remain available for any questions you may have. If necessary, they will also assist with the fixing of any errors/bugs that exist in the production environment, should any occur. Once the initial after-care period is complete, your account will then be transferred to your dedicated Account Manager.

Get up and running within 1-3 months

Download the implementation plan document to get a more detailed description of our standard project approach. The document serves as an ‘Adoption Package’ for new customers, providing guidance on how to successfully implement the Order2Cash platform for use across your organization.

These guidelines represent our suggested ‘best practices,’ based on our past experiences with large-scale roll-outs and feedback that we have received from other customers. The information in the document should be taken as a general ‘rule of thumb’. Individual projects have their own levels of complexity. All timelines expressed in the Implementation plan are estimates only. As such, any standard timelines or onboarding routines mentioned in the document may differ from your own project. We also ask that you please keep in mind the culture of your own organization when reviewing and implementing these guidelines. Some tactics may work better for different companies than others.

Download the full implementation plan

Implementation Plan