July 16, 2019

The CFO: A chameleon in the boardroom.

Damian Leslie  

Order2Cash has been working closely with CFO’s and Finance Leaders in many of the world’s largest companies for close to two decades. In that time we’ve seen and played a part in, many interesting developments for our industry; both in terms of technology and innovation but also in regards to staffing and role development. The prime example of which is the CFO, a role which has in recent years seen some of the biggest changes of all senior management roles.

As the CFO adopts an ever more strategic position in the boardroom, we examine in tandem with Raconteur the main reasons for this transformation and why the modern CFO is integral to the long term vision and success of an organization.

“It’s clear the CFO’s traditional remit of balancing the books has not gone away; it’s just had a layer of strategic analysis grafted on to it.”

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