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Take a deep dive into your O2C performance with our fixed fee, no obligation consultancy

Our order to cash consultants are on hand to offer expert, independent advice on how to gain the most value from your working capital. With our quick scan consultancy services, we can help you to:

  • Build a factual analysis of your current order to cash activities
  • Uncover hidden obstacles to payment within your existing setup
  • Create a solid business case for process optimization and performance improvements
  • Determine appropriate staffing levels and responsibilities
  • Establish a roadmap for cost and labor savings across all order to cash disciplines

Analyze your true performance

We will work closely with you and your team to examine your current internal setup, determine the impact that process improvements can bring and create a true performance analysis based on facts, not guesswork.

The importance of order to cash

The order to cash cycle is of critical importance to every business. It determines how you communicate, interact and conduct business with each and every customer. As customer demands become ever more complex and intricate, ensuring the optimum performance of your order to cash cycle, and in turn, your business as a whole is crucial to your success.

Many companies come to Order2Cash looking to gain efficiencies within their current processes but often we discover they are only looking at particular elements and not the whole picture. The complete order to cash cycle covers many disciplines, often managed across different departments. We offer you our consultancy service to ensure that nothing remains overlooked.

How it works

  • Day 1 – Intake (collect all data) & Interviews (all relevant departments and corresponding managers)
  • Days 2-5 – Processing and Analyzing data
  • Day 5 – Presentation of scan results and delivery of the report

What you can expect

  • Overview/summary of current O2C situation
  • Recommendations and potential savings
  • Performance analysis and KPI’s (benchmark)
  • Investment overview per O2C discipline
  • Status update (by phone) 3 months after presentation

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